Sunday, May 5, 2013

So here I am, awake another night, trying to hoodwink my sleep to sleep with me.  I wont have much success with it i know, or else I wouldn't be typing this.
Ever since the touchscreen on my mobile phone stopped responding, I have been thinking of buying a new mobile phone. nobody calls me anyways because i haven't given my number to any of my friend. She wouldn't call me, and most of my friends are mutual friends with her. So if I do talk to a friend, one of us will eventually mention her, not that they know about my feelings for her, but just talking about her would be enough to send me to depression, thinking about how things could have turned out, or why she keeps saying no, and so on.
Anyways, as I was saying, I have been thinking about buying a mobile. It reminded me of the time, I bought my first mobile. I was about to go to indore, and so i had to buy a mobile phone.  I remember, my number was activated, and I was standing at the door of my house and called her. I tried to pull a prank on her by pretending I was someone else, but she knew my voice and she caught me.
I have this tendency of losing mobile phones. So when I lost my first, I bought a new one. Those days money was an issue and I wanted to buy  mobile with a camera inbuilt. That was a novelty at that time. She kept pestering me to buy a new mobile as she wanted to talk to me everyday. Alternatively, she suggested I should find a friend, who wouldn't mind her calling me at a fixed time. Finally, I gave up and bought a new mobile with an inbuilt camera.
 I asked her if I could take her photo, and that was the first photo I took. I remember she wanted to go through my mobile, and she was going through my contacts. She told me, she wanted to know , what song I had assigned to her name as a ringtone. butterflies. butterflies. But they flew away , far away. 

So here I am , thinking of buying a mobile, thinking of her, spending another night, writing rather than sleeping.

Probably I am stupid. I read too much into things. Probably I am stupid, because I am still thinking of them.

One day I might forget them all or may be, I would cherish them as the fondest memories of my life, hold on to them forever.