Friday, May 10, 2013

So when i met her last year, which was the first time in three years, she said - pandian, you are a good guy. you didnt try to take revenge on me. ofcourse none of the words made sense to me. Revenge? what for?
probably she meant that I didnt try to harm her, even though she has been steadfastly rejecting me for almost ten years.
I understand what she was trying to say, because there are so many news in the TV where a spurned lover tries to do something stupid.
In my case, I want her to be happy. I could never think even in the wildest of my dreams,  for her to suffer. I actually want her to get married to a nice guy and have a happy family. I will, from a far away place, enjoy her happiness and pray to god for her good health.

All the more, the true love comes not from realisation of intimacy or talking. True love comes from seeing her happy, and wanting to see her smile all the time.
I was therefore hurt when she said what did. It means, she had reduced me to a normal guy. But then, I understand her apprehension and fear.

I love her.
As I can quote, ohh I dont remember the source, but its says, what I give (love), I give freely. You dont have to return love or friendship. You are not even obliged to feel anything or percieve my existence.

I love her. and for me , thats the best thing that has happened to me. I am happy for her existence, for its her existence that has given meaning to my life :)

I wish her all the happiness in the world