Monday, May 6, 2013

and it is strange how her memory works, like a noose around the thread - choking and all consuming with no escape. I watch a movie, I think of her. I read a book, I think of her. I walk, I talk, I sleep, no matter what I do, each and every act reminds me of her. Even now, as I type, I can see her image materialise before my eyes. Her red dress looks resplendent. She has this assorted collection of red dresses - bright red, pale red, pink red, purple red, and what not. She looks beautiful in all of them. May be I should call her the lady in red.
I think of her smile and I am smitten. I think of her eyes and I am hyptonised.
I probably should see a doctor to get my mind fixed. or probably see another girl, to get my heart fixed.
Life without her, seems so meaningless.
Everybody goes through existential crisis once in their life, I seem to be struck with it forever. My escapism and meaning to life, has abandoned me. She does not love me. With her no, everything else in life has been reduced to meaningless and lifeless travesty.
I guess I will survive, but I guess I will never live